Perles d'Afrique

Perles d'Afrique

February pancake race

It was my first Pancake race !  Typical British race for the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday ! The Fat Tuesday!
We met near Edward School (my school) in Eaton Ealing Park, only teachers and students of Edward School!
Right away Joelle, the culture manager, organised four teams of four racers. each teams had a captain! Ours was one of the teachers.
Joelle explained the rules : Each team has a frying pan; we run until a mark and there toos up the pancake which is on the frying pan, the racer continues the race until another mark, the pancake has to  be tossed up again, come back. The racer stops at the first mark, end to toss up  the pancake a third time arriving at the beginning , and gives the frying pan to a team member.

Not so easy to explain!!!!


Our team won!!!!!!

There you must hear a loud music of victory....

After that we went to a restaurant to enjoy some traditional pancakes. And do you know? The most famous is the "crêpe" with lemon! Written in French!


25. févr., 2015

the Captains!pancake day.jpg

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