Perles d'Afrique

Perles d'Afrique

my first Challenge here

16.6 miles

First expedition by scooter

The sun was there in the morning. Unfortunatly not in the afternoon! I had to go by tube 6 miles to come back before Ifinished the journey !

But it was fun! 

From Ealing to Hide park it takes an hour.

I lost my way out of the Park, in London city. Two real English policemen, I had seen them just on TV (in fact a man and a woman) showed me the right way. In fact they surely thought that I was a crasy woman crossing London on a scooter!!

Never mind I tried, and I succeded!

I found Tower Bridge and I proudly crossed it on my scooter , after 4 hours of physical exercises.


That's all!

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